“The Shape of my Heart” – A Sting Tribute show

This Sting Tribute show is brought to you by a group of amazing, talented musicians with a heart for community projects and NGO’s! Join us for this foot-tapping, hand clapping show as we celebrate the frontman, the bassist, and the songwriter: the iconic STING! Let us take you on a journey with the music that provided the memorable soundtrack to many of our best moments in life…From the early hits of The Police to the award-winning songs of his epic solo career.

Enjoy a memorable evening with us, whilst supporting a worthy NGO. All proceeds from this show will be donated to Legacy Community Development, a non-profit company in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch. They offer an afterschool service for grade 1 – 12 learners (Khulani and iKamva programs) as well as an outreach program to the bigger Kayamandi community (Siseko program). This program has been serving the community of Kayamandi since 2001. We are honoured to support their work in Kayamandi!

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