Vandag saam met SG:

  • Oggenddiens & Kinderkerk om 10:00 by Laerskool Stellenbosch
  • Tienerkerk 17:00 in die skool se klubhuis
  • GEEN Aanddiens | Inspirare Werkswinkels (navrae, maak asb kontak)

Twee Wêrelde | Verwonderd in Verwarring – Psalm 19
saam met Pieter Roeloffse

“But something happens during awe-filled moments, when we expand from the left to the right brain. The hum and buzz of the cortical data-stream stops dominating. We rise from the busy dissection of analysis to the calm union of appreciation. We move from aggressive reasoning to receptive understanding. From knowing about to knowing-in-relationship. From facts to meaning. From taking things apart to seeing things whole. From knowledge to love, from prose to poetry, and from invocation and thanksgiving to the awe of worship.” – Brian Mclaren

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