Gewone liefde…erken


  • Fisiese erediens om 10:00
  • Inspirare Werkswinkel vanaand om 18:00 tot 19:30 – Leef met Verwondering, saam met Matthias Esterhysen

Kyk of luister hier saam na vandag se preek. Die klankbaan kan afgelaai word of jy kan dit as potgooi luister op Apple Podcasts of Spotify.

“The deepest search in life, it seemed to me, the thing that one way or another was central to all living, was man’s search to find a father. Not merely the father of his flesh, not merely the lost father of his youth, but the image of strength and wisdom external to his need and superior to his hunger, to which the belief and power of his own life could be united.” – Tom Wolfe