Vandag saam met SG

  • 10:00 Oggenddiens & Kinderkerk
  • 18:00 Tienerkerk (Alpha-kursus) by die skool se Klubhuis

Grond…identiteit – Pieter Roeloffse

“There is a question that follows me wherever I turn: What is expected of me? What is demanded of me?

What we encounter is not only flowers and stars, mountains and walls. Over and above all things is a sublime expectation, a waiting for. With every child born a new expectation enters the world.

This is the most important experience in the life of every human being: something is asked of me. Every human being has had a moment in which he sensed a mysterious waiting for him. Meaning is found in responding to the demand, meaning is found in sensing the demand.” – Heschel

Kyk hier saam of luister na die potgooi op Apple Music en Spotify. Die lewendige diens se skakel word net voor die diens gestuur. As jy hierdie boodskap ook per WhatsApp wil ontvang stuur asb jou naam en nommer na 076 400 9995