Aswoensdag is die begin van Lydenstyd, die 40 weeksdae en sewe Sondae voor Paassondag. Tradisioneel word hierdie 40 dae gesien as ‘n tyd van opoffering en hertoewyding sodat jy hierdeur iets van Christus se lyding aan jou eie liggaam kan ervaar.

Word deel van SG se eie Lydenstydreis [ volg die skakel ] of gebruik die QR kode hier onder. Lees ook verder vir nog opsies vir hierdie spesiale reis van Aswoensdag tot Paasnaweek.


Ander opsies wat ons aanbeveel:


Join me for a unique Lent series … starting February 14th!

Weekday reflections

I’ll be writing a brand new series, day-by-day through Lent – so you get a fresh e-mail each week-day morning (33 in total), and you, me and anyone else who’s signed up begins a journey together, sharing wisdom and encouraging each other along the way.

It won’t take too long to read each daily reflection – but they will take you to a deeper and richer place as you go.

Simple prompts for contemplative practice

I’ll also offer daily suggestions to help embed the material with simple contemplative practice or practical application, and to explore themes further with creative ideas, links, book references, etc when appropriate.

Weekly YouTube Live ‘Gathering’

Each week on Fridays at 5pm through Lent, I’ll also provide a short guided session live on YouTube so that we can gather together, and gather up the week’s reflections!

Your own RSVP responses make it a communal experience

There’s a chance to report back once a week through the popular RSVP section (if you want to – though there’s no pressure!). Share links, poems, observations when invited – so that the wisdom of the group is reflected, and we help to shape the series together!

Throughout, we’ll maintain an intimate one-to-one feel – yet the shared wisdom of the group as a whole creates an experience which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Join Sister Wendy on a journey through Lent, and discover the timeless wisdom to be found in some of the world’s greatest paintings.

Illustrated in full colour with over forty famous and lesser-known masterpieces of Western art, this beautiful book will lead you into a deeply prayerful response to all that these paintings convey to the discerning eye.

‘For those who want to appreciate the spirituality behind some of the world’s greatest works of art, this book will be hugely inspiring – not only during Lent but at any time of the year.’
– Dr Janina Ramirez, art historian and broadcaster



In this beautifully minimalist book, Trevor Hudson focuses on 40 single words one for each day of the season of Lent. Each brief meditation pairs the word for the day with a scripture verse, brief insight, and a thought or action for the day. Each pause for Lent will refresh and challenge readers.