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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 06/06/2020

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Update! Chanelle Saayman & Andri van der Merwe se journey

Update! Chanelle Saayman & Andri van der Merwe se journey

Die agtergrond:

Twee girls in die gemeente, Chanelle Saayman & Andri van der Merwe, het hulle werke bedank, hulle lewens vir die volgende agt maande in ‘n rugsak gepak en alle sekuriteit opgegee vir ‘n passie en daardie groot droom: Afrika. Intussen het die droom ‘n bietjie geskuif en begin nou in Indië…Chanelle kleur vir ons die prentjie in van hulle journey tot dusver en waarheen nou.

How it started
The last seven weeks have been an extremely busy but wonderfully blessed couple of weeks. There have been some tears and there has been an abundance of joy. We started our training off with a BANG and before we knew it we were on our very own Survivor Camp. Divided into groups of six, and given only a couple of survival items (such as a knife, a headlamp, a pot and two sleeping bags) we were sent off to the bush and had to build our own shelters. We stayed in the bush for five nights (some much longer than others) and had to overcome challenges We also had to provide our own food. It was here that I learned the value of teamwork and to stay positive and hopeful even though the word “winning” remained, for the most part of it, only a word.

Where the time went
Over the next couple of weeks Jeffrey’s Bay became our new home and we had the privilege of meeting some GREAT guest speakers that taught us on a variety of different subjects. We also had the privilege of serving at the Global Leadership Academy’s new High School which is still under construction. Here our goal was to raise funds for the project and to help with putting up the roof, sanding and painting window frames, paving out the driveway and other construction tasks. Tuesdays and Thursdays we had D-groups (discovery group) with the GLA high school kids who really crept deep into our hearts. We had a jam packed seven weeks of training and there are just too many great things to mention in only one short newsletter.

What I’ve learnt
God really revealed to me that, even though we sometimes do not believe it, He can and WANTS to use as to accomplish great things in His Kingdom – we need only be available. I have experienced how He generously provides and gives us all we need (I have already received 65% of the funds I need!!!). I have come to realise that God is on the move EVERYWHERE – even in those places that you least expect it. I can really see God’s hand in my journey leading up to now and I am EXTREMELY excited for what He will reveal to me in the year to come. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

So what about Africa?
Africa! Oh Africa! This was a very sensitive subject for me a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have come to realise that our plans are not His plans (thank goodness!). The Explore Africa journey has been cancelled for 2014. We are not entirely sure why but things just played out this way. I do however have hope and faith that I will still have my African adventure in the future. For now, however, God had a different plan for me. For 2014 I have joined the Northbound team of 11 AWESOME people going to the northern part of the world. Our mission remains the same: to serve and love God’s children wherever He leads us.

And now?
So on Wednesday 5 March we board our first of many flights. First stop: India!!! Here we will be serving at the orphanage in Dwarka and after hearing soooo many heart-warming stories about the big-eyed children, I just cannot wait!! After India we continue to Nepal, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, England, Bosnia, Turkey, Israel and Jordan! SJOE!!!! – I still cannot believe it!!

Wrapping it up
Training was life-changing in itself and the students, leaders and Global community have already crept deep into my heart. I have enjoyed the journey thus far so much that I am already thinking of plans to do Global another year (my mom does not like this idea very much). I am SOOOO excited about the great things we will experience and learn this year in walking in full dependence on God’s provision. I cannot wait to go deeper with Him.

Thank you to everyone who has checked in…please keep me updated on how things are going on your sides. Also, a BIG thank you to everyone who has given financial and/or prayer support…without you I wouldn’t be on the brink of this amazing adventure – I REALLY appreciate it!!!

– Chanelle Saayman