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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 25/06/2022

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To boldly go where no man has gone before

To boldly go where no man has gone before

By Stephan Joubert

“To boldly go where no man has ever gone before” — this is one of the most famous slogans ever. Well, at least for the Star Trek Generation. It just sounds nice, even after all these years. But very few practice it. Few ever wander out into unchartered territory.

People love to play it safe — safe places, safe jobs, safe friends, safe circumstances — all part and parcel of the “safe package” called: “The good life.” The saddest part of all is that many also have a “safe religion.” For them God’s main responsibility is to eliminate all bad stuff from their lives. No wonder there are so many “safe” churches where people can hide out against all the fierce storms. What a safe, boring, snoring bunch churchianity has turned into in far too many places!

Perhaps we should become Trekkies for Jesus. Wait, it sounds much too churchy. (Not the Star Trek part. I mean the: “we should become…” part.) You hear this kind of language in most safe sermons, teachings and Christian books. Forget about “let’s become…” because safe Christians just won’t! It’s as simple as that! They will enthusiastically say amen to these words in church, but on Mondays their lives will say something else. Forget about taking safe Christians along. Do it alone, if necessary. Follow Jesus on his terms… alone! Jesus always goes where no one has gone before. Follow him into unchartered territory… Live for an Audience of One… even if you have to do it alone!