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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 28/02/2017

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Live life to the full

13/04/2016 |

by Dallas Willard


“Beware that you are not carried away with the error of the lawless and lose your own stability. Instead, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (II Peter 3:17-18)

Is … Lees Meer

Quiet day | 11 June

10/02/2016 |

The “Quiet day” will invite us into silence, prayer and reflection. There will a little bit of input to guide us, with chunks of time to rest, to be, and spend time with God within the tranquil and beautiful space … Lees Meer

Culture of Kindness

18/01/2016 |



Many years ago a very wise Jewish rabbi observed: “There will be wars and rumors of wars.” He knew what he was talking about. History confirms his words. “Wars and rumors of wars” (seasons … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag 13 September

17/09/2015 |

Towards Desire | Karen Krige


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Spiritual Direction

05/03/2014 |

Wisdom for the long walk of faith

“The purpose of spiritual direction is to help another person deepen their relationship with God in Christ and to discern how to live out of this relationship.” – Trevor Hudson

In short spiritual … Lees Meer

‘n Wêreld van sy eie…Vorm

04/03/2014 |

10:00 & 19:00 | André Serfontein


Majesty – Stuart Garrard and Martin Smith (Lirieke)

Here I am Humbled by Your majesty Covered by Your grace so free Here I am Knowing I’m a sinful man Covered by the blood … Lees Meer

Geestelike waardes: Gawe geskenke vir nihilistiese tye en moeë mense

03/12/2013 |

“Dis asof dit iewers ’n snaar raak. Van oral getuig lesers dat hulle iets herken, iets verstáán as daar gepraat word oor sinisme wat dreig om oor te slaan in gevoelens van depressie. Dat daar iets in ons roer as … Lees Meer

Klein genoeg om ’n geleier van God se krag te wees

08/10/2013 |

deur Stephan Joubert

Ek is mal oor Twitter. Om jouself behoorlik in 140 karakters uit te druk is ’n heerlike uitdaging. Iemand wat dit goed regkry, is my vriend Jaco Strydom. Nou die dag tweet hy die volgende woorde: “I’d … Lees Meer

Why I Pray to Jesus (Whoever That Is)

08/10/2013 |

by Donald Miller

I had a startling realization regarding my faith last week while attending a conference. It wasn’t even a Christian conference. It was a conference for business executives, designed to help us streamline our systems and increase productivity … Lees Meer

An Incredible Reminder of How Short Life Really Is

03/10/2013 |

 by Donald Miller

I’ve always been fascinated by that verse in the book of James that says our lives pass like a vapor. That’s a realization hard to internalize. I believe life is eternal, but I don’t believe we have … Lees Meer