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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 26/03/2023

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Listening Spaces

02/09/2020 |

Holding a listening space . . We are in essence a community and we want to remain connected and available to you as best we can over this time. So if you are feeling some of the effects … Lees Meer

Join the Week of Guided Prayer

19/05/2020 |

Why a focus on prayer?

We have noticed that over this time of the pandemic interest in prayer has increased phenomenally. So we are offering the Week of Guided Prayer to provide some support and encouragement for your life of … Lees Meer

Encounter with God | Begeleide Gebed

20/01/2018 |

What is the 4 week encounter with God about?

It’s a way of being on retreat without going away! You carry on living your life as normal, but set aside time during the retreat to pray and to meet with … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 3 April

07/04/2016 |

Prayer – Resurrection language | Karen Krige 



Lees Meer

Week of guided prayer | Week van begeleide gebed

28/03/2016 |

Waaroor handel begeleide gebed?

Terwyl jy voortgaan met jou lewe soos gewoonlik, sit jy elke dag gedurende die week tyd opsy om te bid en met jou gebedsbegeleier te vergader. Die persoon sal luister na jou en voorstelle maak vir … Lees Meer

Abiding prayer – practicing the presence of God

25/11/2015 |

by Andrea Lotz


I am learning that part of Jesus’ mission on earth was/is to teach us a way of living that is “easy” on our souls. A way he intended from the beginning- living a life connected to … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 31 Mei

01/06/2015 |

Tussen Sondae…Die Vriend | André Serfontein

Die afgelope Sondag se preek is teen ‘n Donderdag op die web beskikbaar.

  • Vir Kleingroepe of selfstudie:

Lyftaal  is spesifiek vir groepe of individue wat die preke as bron vir selfstudie wil … Lees Meer

Pray as you can not as you can’t

01/06/2015 |

by Karen Krige

We often think that we have to get things just right in order to pray, to have the right motives; to say the right words. But we all come with mixed motives and with faltering words. What … Lees Meer

Life with the brothers

08/04/2015 |

“The monastic life is, above all, a life of prayer.” Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer

Several months ago, Gary Moon invited me to contribute to Conversations: Gifts From the Monastery. “Several writers will spend a week-long retreat at monasteries … Lees Meer

10 Important Reasons to Start Making Time for Silence, Rest and Solitude

10/11/2014 |

by Thai Nguyen

It’s amazing how tuned out we become to the motor of the air-conditioner and refrigerator — the sudden silence is a startling reprieve. Likewise, we become numb to the buzz of our technology saturated world.

Smartphone users check … Lees Meer