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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 29/05/2020

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What to do when news gets you down

11/09/2014 |

Psychology Professor Says Consuming News Related To Distressing Events Can Warp People’s World Views

By Marika Suval

Think of the news from this past week: Gaza torn up; violence in Iraq and in Ferguson, Mo.; an Ebola outbreak that’s left … Lees Meer

Need to know: When to turn off the news

11/09/2014 |

by Laura McClure


This week in the U.S., almost every flickering device will try to spoon-feed you some distressing news footage — and then help you wash it down with a double-liter of fizzy partisan punditry. What’s the impact … Lees Meer

Preek: Sondag, 31 Augustus

10/09/2014 |

Nuus-waardig – Angs & woede | Dewaldt de Kock

Lees Meer

The Big Read: Stop the news I want to get off

02/09/2014 |

by Tom Eaton


When things are grim, I think of a letter I once read. It was written by an old, sad man to his favourite nephew.

I forget the nephew’s name but the man’s name was Michelangelo and … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 24 Augustus

02/09/2014 |

Nuwe reeks: Nuus-waardig…Nkandla | André Serfontein


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