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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 03/07/2020

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Lent Journey with Brian Draper

03/03/2019 |

LENT is a unique series of short e-mail reflections. Each year, I write a new series day-by-day through Lent – so you get a fresh burst each morning, and you, me and anyone else who’s signed up begins a journey … Lees Meer

An Ash Wednesday Conversation: Why Lent is a lot like Surfing

08/02/2018 |

The surfer doesn’t create the waves, but her board puts her in a position to catch their energy. In the same way, spiritual disciplines don’t create the transforming power of God, but they do put us in a position to … Lees Meer

Blessed by less

17/03/2016 |

Your life is an overflowing closet. You know it is. There are sweatshirts folded up in a corner of your mind where your children’s birthdays should be stored. That worry about the rust on the car is taking up the … Lees Meer

Ash Wednesday 2016: Meaning of Lent and Fasting, Church Services and Traditions

08/02/2016 |

On February 10, believers around the world will observe Ash Wednesday, which opens the Season of Lent, a special time of fasting, repentance and prayer.

Falling just 46 days before Easter — the celebration of Christ’s resurrection — Ash Wednesday … Lees Meer

What to give up for Lent 2016?

08/02/2016 |

Jesus instructed his followers to pray and fast in secret. Someone tell Twitter.

For Lent last year, more than 400,000 people tweeted what they were giving up during the week of Ash Wednesday. The top five choices: School, … Lees Meer

Celebrating Lent: A New Barna Study

17/02/2015 |

by David Kinnaman • President, The Barna Group


Millennials are by far the least likely age group to be aware of Lent—but, interestingly, they are more likely than average to say they are planning to fast.

Every year, beginning … Lees Meer