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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 08/03/2021

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Stellenbosch Tree-a-thon gains momentum

Stellenbosch Tree-a-thon gains momentum

On the 10th of April 2014 up to 3000 trees will be planted in and around Klapmuts, as part of a Tree-a-thon, the first of many of its kind set to be held in Stellenbosch. This tree marathon forms part of the “Million Trees Project,” aimed at greening the communities that fall within the Stellenbosch Municipal boundaries and restoring the ecosystems which underwrite the health and livelihood of these communities.

The “Million Trees Project” is a partnership between the Stellenbosch Municipality, Wildlands Conservation Trust and ‘Leaf a Legacy’ who recognise the Tree-a-thon (only one of many still to come) as a significant contribution to their one million trees mark.

The Tree-a-thon is also a mechanism for both corporate entities and community members to get involved in the creation of a green economy. For this particular mass tree planting event, five corporate companies have raised their hands to get involved, namely: Spier, Distell, Mediclinic, PSG and Remgro, each contributing towards the purchasing and planting of indigenous trees, grown by Wildlands’ Tree-preneurs, within a community they care about. The corporates are also using this opportunity to get their staff involved in something that is both humbling and for the greater good.

Agrimark, who aim to meet all agricultural requirements with high quality products, are also giving the “Million Trees Project” equipment for the Tree-a-thon at significantly reduced prices.

Registration for the Tree-a-thon will take place at around 10h30 in Klapmuts (next to the Klapmuts Primary School in Merchant Strt) with the Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego, addressing the crowd and declaring the start of the Tree-a-thon at around 11h00.

“The survival of these trees is a concern for some,” said Gerald Esau, Manager Community Services at Stellenbosch Municipality, “but we must highlight the fact that these trees will be maintained with the help of a full time team of local community members, funded by the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). EPWP will also assist with the digging of holes and planting of trees at the Tree-a-thon event on the 10th of April,” said Esau. “We are excited to build community resilience and improve the quality of life for marginalized communities.”

“Leaf-a-Legacy is developing a community project aimed at job creation, greening the environment and creating a culture of cooperation amongst the communities of Stellenbosch,” said Lydia Willems, Project Manager of Leaf a Legacy. “Leaf-a-Legacy, Wildlands and the Stellenbosch Municipality are in a formal partnership to enable the successful realisation of the Million Trees Campaign, with emphasis on maximising the greening, poverty alleviation and environmental restoration impact of this Campaign.”

“The vision of Wildlands is ‘A Sustainable Future for All’ and this aligns perfectly with campaigns like the Million Trees Project,” commented Director of Partnerships, Marketing & Sustainability, Louise Duys. “We are excited and grateful for the corporate contribution and passion we have received around this project and must express our gratitude to Spier, Distell, Mediclinic, PSG, Remgro and Agrimark for ensuring our first Tree-a-thon is a resounding success,” concludes Duys.

Should any other corporate companies be interested in getting involved or contributing to the Tree-a-thon, please email If any media representatives are interested in attending and covering this event, please also feel free to contact us, we would love to have you join the greening team!


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