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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 25/05/2022

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

“The purpose of spiritual direction is to help another person deepen their relationship with God in Christ and to discern how to live out of this relationship.” – Trevor Hudson

What is spiritual direction about?

Spiritual direction aims to help you with your relationship with God and your life of prayer. It focuses on your experience of God in the whole of your life. So, no part of your life is left out. It will help you to pay attention to who God in Christ is for you, to God’s personal communication with you, and to discern your unique way of being and serving in the world.

Spiritual direction is rooted in a tradition going back to Biblical times; a river of knowledge about spiritual accompaniment that has been flowing for centuries.

It is “spiritual” because spiritual direction has to do with the hidden dimensions of your life,  with your spirit, soul and the deepest desires of your heart. Then it is also “direction” because you are on a journey with God and you are going somewhere. The word also reminds us that the Holy Spirit is directing us. So, a spiritual director is a companion or guide on your spiritual journey.

Living life well as a Christian is about finding God in all things, about learning to know, love and follow Jesus, and being open to the Spirit’s loving guidance. The role of a spiritual director is to assist you with this in an unhurried, gentle and prayerful way.

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Karen Krige

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