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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 11/12/2018

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Workshop: Sacred Conversations

Workshop: Sacred Conversations

Learning from Jesus together with others

Sacred Conversations is a 3-part journey that invites anyone and everyone to learn from Jesus how he related to people, to explore creative ways of praying and being with God and to discover God’s will for our lives.

Your life and my life are each of them one of a kind. No one has ever lived
your life or my life before and no one will ever live them again. Our lives
are unique stories in the mosaic of human existence – priceless and
irreplaceable – Henri Nouwen

A session consists of a short teaching on the week’s theme, with conversation amongst participants, before breaking away into smaller, more intimate groups to share stories and thoughts. After tea/coffee we often have the opportunity to watch a movie clip, listen to a song or observe a role-play before sharing our experiences and thoughts.

Each journey follows sequentially and participants covenant to attend each of the life-giving teachings and interactions.

This course was developed by Trevor Hudson. Trevor is Trevor Hudson is a minister stationed at the Pastoral Institute of the Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni, South Africa. He also travels widely, teaching and lecturing in the areas of spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and pastoral therapy. He has been a friend of Stellenbosch Gemeente for more than ten years.

The course facilitator is Karen Krige, passionate pursuer of Life with God, and friend and follower of Jesus. She is a part of the Stellenbosch Gemeente team, a spiritual director, pastor, and a lover of everything that is her family. She has been a student of the Pastoral Institute, learning from Trevor Hudson and his team, for many years.

It would be an honour if you could join us for this special faith journey of self exploration and growth.

Opportunities in 2018

Sacred Conversations 1 – Conversations with Each other 

learning from Jesus together with others

6 weeks, on Thursday Mornings  | 9:00 – 11:30  |  26 April to 31 Mei


Sacred Conversations 2 – Conversations with God 
learning from Jesus together with others

6 weeks, on Tuesday evenings 18:30 – 21:00 | …



Sacred Conversations 3 – Conversations with the world

6 weeks, on Thursday mornings 9:00 – 11:30 | …

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