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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 28/01/2022

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Community Groups | 2’s & 3’s

Community Groups | 2’s & 3’s

Hello friend

Welcome to the twos & threes spiritual formation journey!

Our theme for 2020 is Friendship with God. I invite you to a year of encountering the loving embrace of God through a growing friendship with Jesus.

I suggest you go on this journey together with one or two others. Jesus says where two or three are gathered together because of him, he will be there!

So, I encourage you prayerfully to seek one or two friends with whom you can journey as spiritual companions. Together you help each other on your journey of following Jesus, becoming more like him and sharing in his love for the world. You talk about your joys and struggles, where you are finding God…or missing God. And you pray for each other. You help to keep each other faithful in following Jesus. You encourage, support and strengthen each other.

It will work like this: Every Saturday morning you will receive an email with a theme for the week. Then each morning Monday to Friday you’ll receive a whattsapp with something related to the theme, to inspire, encourage and help keep you going on this journey of faith, sustained by grace. I hope that you will meet together in twos and threes as often as you can to hear how things are going and pray for each other.

We will start on 11 January 2020 and go till 24 December 2020 with a two week break over the June/July holidays.


Together in Christ


PS it will be an individual mail and whattsapp so you won’t be part of a group mail or whattsapp group. And of course you can opt out any time you like.