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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 07/04/2020

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Yes, I’m a Christian. No, I’m Not Like That.

07/04/2016 |

by Mary Ann Ware


Yesterday, my boys and I played a small role in a huge project that involved three hundred volunteers from our church packing 60,000 meals for Haitians in need. As I looked around the room at … Lees Meer

I Don’t want your unconditional love

07/04/2016 |

by Matthias Roberts

I don’t want your unconditional love.

You speak about me in the third person: “We must respond with unconditional love to people like you.” People like me. I am less than you. I am something to tolerate. … Lees Meer

Blessed by less

17/03/2016 |

Your life is an overflowing closet. You know it is. There are sweatshirts folded up in a corner of your mind where your children’s birthdays should be stored. That worry about the rust on the car is taking up the … Lees Meer

Expanding our image of God through Imaginative prayer

03/03/2016 |

by Karen Krige


One way that we can open ourselves up to seeing God in new ways is through imaginative prayer. We are all born with a colourful imagination and we can ask God to use our imagination to … Lees Meer

Slow down to be with Jesus

25/02/2016 |

Artwork: “Benchmark” by Duncan Stewart

“Every so often it is a good idea to get off the vehicle (Vespa) that we are racing through life on to pause and assess where we have come from and if the direction in … Lees Meer

Om lief te hê, vir Altyd, na Valentynsdag

25/02/2016 |

deur Kobus van der Merwe


Februarie is die maand waarin die liefde gevier word. Ons probeer op allerlei maniere verstaan hoe Cupido se pyle werk. As hulle afgevuur word, hoekom hulle tref wie hulle tref.

A leap of faith

16/02/2016 |

by Liesl Cronje


I’ve recently seen a beautiful sculpture – “Leap of faith” is her name. She tells the story of a girl who wants to take a leap of faith. A leap into the future, a leap towards … Lees Meer

Ash Wednesday 2016: Meaning of Lent and Fasting, Church Services and Traditions

08/02/2016 |

On February 10, believers around the world will observe Ash Wednesday, which opens the Season of Lent, a special time of fasting, repentance and prayer.

Falling just 46 days before Easter — the celebration of Christ’s resurrection — Ash Wednesday … Lees Meer

What to give up for Lent 2016?

08/02/2016 |

Jesus instructed his followers to pray and fast in secret. Someone tell Twitter.

For Lent last year, more than 400,000 people tweeted what they were giving up during the week of Ash Wednesday. The top five choices: School, … Lees Meer

Hoe jou huwelik jou kan ondersteun in 2016

02/02/2016 |

Maak jou huwelik prioriteit nommer een n jou lewe. Dit is n radikale gedagte. Mense sal vra, wat van die kinders, wat van die werk, of my gesondheid, of enige ander noodsaaklikhede in ons wêreld wat ons dink ons dringende … Lees Meer