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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 28/09/2016

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Geestelike waardes: Gawe geskenke vir nihilistiese tye en moeë mense

03/12/2013 |

“Dis asof dit iewers ’n snaar raak. Van oral getuig lesers dat hulle iets herken, iets verstáán as daar gepraat word oor sinisme wat dreig om oor te slaan in gevoelens van depressie. Dat daar iets in ons roer as … Lees Meer

Unravelling Exploration: Next stop Rwanda

27/11/2013 |

by Francois Malherbe (Blogger, Dreamer & Vocational Explorer &


Written by my good friend and fellow explorer, Jaco Botha. (The video above is just to give you an idea how beautiful Rwanda is! Well done to the … Lees Meer

What is the Bible by Rob Bell – Part 2

27/11/2013 |

Part 2: Flood

Let’s talk about floods. Because the ancients did. The Sumerians told flood stories, the Mesopotamians told flood stories, the Babylonians told flood stories-stories about water and its destructive power to wipe out towns, cities, civilizations, and people … Lees Meer

TED TALK: The good news on poverty – Bono

27/11/2013 |

Human beings have been campaigning against inequality and poverty for 3,000 years. But this journey is accelerating. Bono “embraces his inner nerd” and shares inspiring data that shows the end of poverty is in sight … if we … Lees Meer

Een Lewe…Vulnerability

20/11/2013 |

| 10:00 & 19:00 Karen Krige


Tekste & aanhalings:

Kyk ook na Brené Brown se TED Talk oor Vulnerability


1 John 1:1-7

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, … Lees Meer

What is the Bible by Rob Bell – Part 1

20/11/2013 |

Part 1: Someone Wrote Something

I’ve had a number of conversations recently that somehow led to the Bible. I say somehow because these weren’t conversations with particularly religious friends, and yet what they talked about was their interest in the … Lees Meer

Go ahead, ruin your life

19/11/2013 |

by Allison Vesterfelt, The Storyline Blog

For much of my life, when it came time to make a decision about anything, I felt virtually paralyzed by fear of making the “wrong” choice. When I had to choose a college, or … Lees Meer

Een Lewe…Work in life

14/11/2013 |

| 10:00 & 19:00 André Serfontein

Tekste & aanhalings:


1 Johannes 4 8 Wie nie liefhet nie, het geen kennis van God nie, want God is liefde. 9 Hiérin is God se liefde vir ons … Lees Meer