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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 22/05/2018

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Abiding prayer – practicing the presence of God

25/11/2015 |

by Andrea Lotz


I am learning that part of Jesus’ mission on earth was/is to teach us a way of living that is “easy” on our souls. A way he intended from the beginning- living a life connected to … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 15 November

18/11/2015 |

Verbindings…natuurlik | Dewaldt de Kock

(Audio van die afgelope Sondag se preek sal teen ‘n Donderdag op die web beskikbaar wees)

Lees ook hierdie Prayer of Ignatius




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18/11/2015 |

*Albei dienste vind binne Paul Roos Sentrum plaas


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Preek | Sondag, 8 November

11/11/2015 |

Verbindings | Dankbaar | André Serfontein

Intro Song: Rooftops by Jonathan Berlin, Lindsey Sweet, and Ben Williams



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The 5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

10/11/2015 |

by Dave Willis


What parenting habits are the most significant to kids?

1. The times you made them feel safe (or the times you made them feel unsafe)

There’s a vulnerability and a need for protection in … Lees Meer

Kinderkerk Jonkershoekuitstappie | 15 November

05/11/2015 |

Kom stap Sondag, 15 November saam in Jonkershoek met ons jaarlikse Kinderkerkuitstappie!

Wie stap saam: Kinders en ouers van alle ouderdomme, kleiner kinders moet asb hulle ouers saambring!

Waarheen stap ons: Jonkershoek se hek tot by die eerste waterval

Hoe … Lees Meer

Reclaiming the power of lament

05/11/2015 |

by Dominique D. Gilliard



In an age of nonstop media that exposes us as never before to the world’s pain and brokenness, lamentation is an essential and even revolutionary act, one that the church needs desperately to … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag 1 November

05/11/2015 |

Connection Conundrum | Karen Krige

*Jammer vir die foutiewe audio file, die fout is reggestel!


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Preek | Sondag, 25 Oktober

30/10/2015 |

Verbindings…Oral | Dewaldt de Kock





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Do You Feel Broken and Fragmented?

21/10/2015 |

by Ann Voskamp


God has only one loom.

You wouldn’t think so by the fragmentation of our lives. Our days look like the scrap floor of a studio, frayed bits of work, remnants snipped off family, a heap of … Lees Meer