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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 23/04/2017

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5 traits of good listeners

29/04/2015 |

by Dave Willis

I used to think I was a good listener.

Being a “good listener” is one of those things most people think about themselves. We all believe we’re good drivers, good listeners, and have a good sense of humor, … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 26 April

29/04/2015 |

Soos…’n Reis | Dewaldt de Kock

*Geen Lyftaal oor langnaweke


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Preek | Sondag, 19 April

21/04/2015 |

Soos…God  |  Dewaldt de Kock


  • Vir Kleingroepe of selfstudie:

Lyftaal  is spesifiek vir groepe of individue wat die preke as bron vir selfstudie wil gebruik. Lyftaal sal gedurende skoolkwartale, saam met die afgelope week se … Lees Meer

What can Artists teach the Church?

21/04/2015 |

How do artists teach the church to practice a more fully human faith? Alissa Wilkinson believes artists can teach the Church how to fail well, develop a discipline of practice, and understand that some things in life are simply a … Lees Meer

God as a wild dog…and the Bible’s other surprising divine metaphors

21/04/2015 |

by Jonathan Merritt

Because Jews and Christians believe that God is something different than what we know and experience in this world, the biblical authors used metaphor to paint pictures of what God was like. Some of these are familiar … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 12 April

16/04/2015 |

10:00 & 19:00 | André Serfontein


Die audio van hierdie preek is ongelukkig nie beskikbaar nie. Jammer vir die ongerief, ons is net so teleurgesteld soos jy!

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Preek | Paassondag 2015

08/04/2015 |

Hervorm | Dewaldt de Kock


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Preek | Goeie Vrydag 2015

08/04/2015 |

Vervorm | Dewaldt de Kock

(Audio van hierdie preek is ongelukkig nie beskikbaar nie)


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The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

08/04/2015 |

By Jay Cassano


You don’t have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.

Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. There are economists who think happiness is the best indicator of the health … Lees Meer

Life with the brothers

08/04/2015 |

“The monastic life is, above all, a life of prayer.” Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer

Several months ago, Gary Moon invited me to contribute to Conversations: Gifts From the Monastery. “Several writers will spend a week-long retreat at monasteries … Lees Meer