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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 19/04/2018

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What to give up for Lent 2016?

08/02/2016 |

Jesus instructed his followers to pray and fast in secret. Someone tell Twitter.

For Lent last year, more than 400,000 people tweeted what they were giving up during the week of Ash Wednesday. The top five choices: School, … Lees Meer

Hoe jou huwelik jou kan ondersteun in 2016

02/02/2016 |

Maak jou huwelik prioriteit nommer een n jou lewe. Dit is n radikale gedagte. Mense sal vra, wat van die kinders, wat van die werk, of my gesondheid, of enige ander noodsaaklikhede in ons wêreld wat ons dink ons dringende … Lees Meer

7 Signs You’re Way Too Busy

02/02/2016 |

And how to break the cycle

by Alli Worthington


Have you noticed “busy” has become the new “fine”? When someone asks you how you are, chances are, your default answer is, “Good, busy, but good.”

We’ve all heard the … Lees Meer

Vulnerability in Creativity

02/02/2016 |

by Liesl Cronje


According to the, to be vulnerable means: “to be susceptible to physical harm or damage, susceptible to emotional injury – especially in being easily hurt, susceptible to attack and open to censure or criticism”. Quite harsh, don’t … Lees Meer

Understanding why race is still a divisive issue in SA

26/01/2016 |


The title of South African newspaper editor Ferial Haffajees book, What If There Were No Whites In South Africa?, is provocative on many levels. Lyn Snodgras delves deeper into this book.

The title alone is likely to evoke an emotional … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 24 Januarie

25/01/2016 |

Ritme…Koffie | Dewaldt de Kock



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Preek | 17 Januarie

25/01/2016 |

Ritme…Wakker | André Serfontein


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Culture of Kindness

18/01/2016 |



Many years ago a very wise Jewish rabbi observed: “There will be wars and rumors of wars.” He knew what he was talking about. History confirms his words. “Wars and rumors of wars” (seasons … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 20 Desember

18/01/2016 |

Advent: Liefde | André Serfontein


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Kersdag 2015

18/01/2016 |

Advent: Vreugde | Dewaldt de Kock


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