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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 04/12/2016

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Preek | Sondag, 13 November

17/11/2016 |

André Serfontein | Die ruimte Tussen branders


Kyk ook na: How loss helped one artist find beauty in imperfection

Luister na:

  • Every Breaking Wave – U2
  • Oceans – Hillsong United


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Alyssa Monks: How loss helped one artist find beauty in imperfection

15/11/2016 |

Painter Alyssa Monks finds beauty and inspiration in the unknown, the unpredictable and even the awful. In a poetic, intimate talk, she describes the interaction of life, paint and canvas through her development as an artist, and as a human.

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Preek | Sondag, 6 November

11/11/2016 |

Dewaldt de Kock | Die ruimte Tussen ons 


Kyk na

  • The Mirror 

 Luister na

  • The Space Between – Dave Matthews
  • Holy Ground – Stephan Cloete (ook te koop op iTunes & Google Play)


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Preek | Sondag, 30 Oktober

11/11/2016 |

André Serfontein | Die ruimte Tussen my – Dankdiens


 Kyk hier na Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.



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Preek | Sondag, 23 Oktober

11/11/2016 |

Die afstand Tussen ons | Dewaldt de Kock

 Kyk hier na The Overview effect



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The Mirror

11/11/2016 |

J.T. and Robert’s contemporary dance to “The Mirror” by Alexandre Desplat.

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Want your kids to tell you about their day? Instead of asking questions, try this.

03/11/2016 |

by Sara Ackerman


The recently begun school year brought with it the smell of fresh pencil shavings, the squeak of shoes on newly waxed linoleum and a new round of stonewalling to the question, “What did you do at school … Lees Meer

Gemeentestemme | Sosiale Community

03/11/2016 |

Iemand in die gemeente skryf: “Gee ons ’n manier om ook leiers te wees. That is, give people the opportunity to start a group of their interest, e.g a bike team.”


André reageer as volg:


Community het verskillende … Lees Meer

Preek | Sondag, 16 Oktober

26/10/2016 |

Die weg van die Selote | André Serfontein



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