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'n lewe wat IETS BETEKEN | 26/09/2022

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Small space. Big life.

05/10/2014 |

I live in a 420-square-foot studio. I sleep in a bed that folds down from the wall. I have six dress shirts. I have 10 shallow bowls that I use for salads and main dishes. When people come over for … Lees Meer

Social Networking: Where giving starts the receiving process

27/06/2013 |

By  Richard Robbins

The unprecedented growth of the social media industry is nothing short of amazing. While the statistics are certainly mind-boggling: Twitter now has 75 million accounts, more than 60 million people have become ‘LinkedIn’, and Facebook currently boasts … Lees Meer

Downward mobility in an upscale world

27/06/2013 |

’n Paar uitdagende perspektiewe vir Jesus-volgelinge oor hoe om te dink oor rykdom en armoede.

Not long ago, I sat and talked with some very wealthy Christians about what it means to be the church and to follow Jesus. One … Lees Meer


06/06/2013 |

Giving is rarely about money. Over a 7 day period, we highlighted some of the world’s most intimate acts of giving in an effort to showcase the true essence of the word “GIVE”. We hope this short-film encourages viewers to … Lees Meer

The Spiritual Crisis of Consumerism

29/05/2013 |

There has been one prevailing principle over American society for the last one hundred years it has been unfettered consumerism. Through massive shifts in our cultural undercurrents, over generations we’ve bought into the lies that ‘matter is all that matters’ … Lees Meer

The importance of silence

29/05/2013 |

Can we remind each other enough of how important spaces and opportunities for solitude and silence have become today? Because we really live in a hectic and overly driven society. To quote Julia Cameron: “As a culture we live in … Lees Meer

SciMathUS – A story of second chances

29/05/2013 |

The following is a story of hope, and second chances, made possible by this amazing initiative.Lees Meer